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 It's time to grab a pen and some paper because you are going to want to take notes...
This is me...
... in these pictures, I'm presenting talks to several different and very well-known audiences...
In fact, over the past 18 months, I've been featured across local, national and international press outlets...
I get it. You're probably thinking something along the lines...
Here she comes... another 'brag monster'...
But here's the thing...
If you'd met me way back in 2014 when I started out on my entrepreneurial journey.

You'd probably have been among the first in line, placing bets on how quickly everything would fall apart...
Just like you, I launched a business because I have a passion for leaving a positive impact on the world long after I'm gone...
... and chances are, also just like you ...

... I knew nothing about how to actually turn this passion into anything resembling a profitable business!
You see, I was one of those people who was doing everything in a desperate attempt to 'make it work'.

I spent tens of thousands of pounds and hundreds upon hundreds of hours on; courses, programmes, coaching. 

Not to mention filling my bookcase, both virtual and literal with an endless supply of old, outdated and overpriced books. 

All in the vain hope of figuring out what I should be doing...
In fact, I realised a few weeks ago that over the years I'd taken part in six different courses for mastering sales...
I've learned online sales, high-ticket sales, selling from stage and even invested in three intensive programmes about writing sales copy!
Don't get me wrong; I genuinely believe that selling is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can have...
And while it sounds ludicrous now, it took me a long time to truly understand just how important selling is to making money...
In fact, for many years, I did everything I could to avoid any form of overt selling...

Back then, I'm pretty sure that even the idea of selling would bring me out in hives!
I was so terrified of being rejected. No matter how much money I spent learning how to sell; I still couldn't bring myself to do it...
...Doing this meant that I was literally throwing money away!
The problem was because I was terrified of selling. 

Anytime a gimmick or business 'quick fix' popped into my social media feed, telling me that I could make money without ever 'selling'... 

I did what most entrepreneurs do; dived straight in.

However, just like you've probably found over the years, these quick fixes never produce the results that you so desperately need...

Leaving you once again staring aimlessly at your laptop wondering how everyone else is managing to turn it into their very own ATM ...

Wondering, what you are doing so wrong...

Completely bewildered by how easy it seems so be for everyone else...

What's even worse than that is every time you end up trapped on a 'shiny object' hunt. 

You end up watching the money you'd managed to scrape together hopelessly trickle away into nothingness... 

I can't even remember the number of times I've been terrified of the postman.
At times, it was as though those envelopes containing my bills were packed full of some terrible toxic agent which would surely see me 6-foot under as soon as they landed on the doormat...
Give me a head nod if you've ever found yourself wandering off track following the path an overnight 'guru' laid out for you. 

Only to end up utterly disheartened, increasingly frustrated and wholly demoralised. 

Because once again, you'd been sucked into handing over your rent money on a course, programme or magical methodology which not only doesn't work, you're also pretty sure you learned the same thing for free from some dude over on YouTube...
Before understanding the importance of compelling sales copy, I was happily living in the commonly perpetuated myth about business success...

You know the one that says; 'it takes three years of hard slog before you'll break even in your business, let alone be profitable...'

Without even realising, this belief had sunk into my subconscious so deeply that it literally became my 'green light' to not sell. 

Worse than that, it also became the approval I needed to steer clear of any icky, creepy and slimy overt selling practices.

After all, I wasn't expected to make any money...

The thing is, I had the potential to bring in thousands right off the bat...
Everyone does.
And in all honesty, I had more opportunities than most...

You see, really early on I managed to crack the one thing that keeps many people trapped - traffic.

In fact, I was so obsessed with the idea that the reason I wasn't making money was that not enough people saw my stuff...

I then dedicated an insane amount of time to understand how to drive traffic!

Within weeks of launching my blog, I was able to bring thousands of visitors a month to my website for free.

Also, I had cold-hard proof that what I was saying was compelling, because my bounce rate was consistently below 15% ...
Not only that, I had a super-engaged email list with over 30% of people regularly opening my emails.

I'd also get a few people replying every time, to tell me about what it meant for them and how it helped them.

I even remember being at an event once and someone coming up to me to say thank you for the email I'd sent the other week. 

They said that 'after years of trying to turn their life around, they now felt they had a real tangible plan of what they needed to do.'

Trust me; when someone seeks you out to say thank you in person, you know that you are doing something right!
 I want you to know that if you can; drive traffic, you have a low bounce rate, and have an engaged email list or social media following... 

But you're still in a place where the postman sends shivers up your spine, then something is very, very wrong...
In fact, did you know that you can have a successful and profitable business even if you only have a tiny audience?
You don't need thousands.
If you're not making money, you don't have a traffic problem...
You have a sales problem.
I know this is true because once I understood converting sales language, my business exploded.

Within days, I started making more money than I believed was possible.

Not only that. I also started being invited to appear as a guest on podcasts, TV shows and give my expert opinion on the local, national and international press.

Finally, all the time, money and effort I'd spent trying to get my business off the ground seemed worth it.

I was finally being paid for doing something I love.

Since that day, I genuinely couldn't be happier.

 I get to spend my days at home, with my family and no longer have a fear of the postman!

But in all honesty, the best thing about the whole thing is that I now get to spend my time helping other people turn their business dreams into realities without them ever needing to face the emotional turbulence I went through!
Here's what one of my past clients recently said...
Right now, you might be thinking ...
I don't have thousands of pounds or hundreds of hours to dedicate to learning sales copy, creating converting sales funnels or driving traffic ...
That's 100% cool because like all my clients, you don't have too!

All you need to do is...
Read On To UNVEIL The Underground Three-Step-Strategy You Need To Follow So That You Can Successfully And LEGITIMATELY Turn Your Business From A Money Pit Into A Money Tree In Less Than 30 Days!
Hopefully, by now, you're 100% on board with making sure you're using converting sales language to help your potential customers say yes to your fantastic product or service?
The problem is that being convinced you should, knowing you need to or 100% pumped to make it happen - doesn't change a single thing...
Thankfully, right here on this page, I'm going to REVEAL some of the biggest copy-writing traps so that you can take action and improve your own conversions before you even reach the bottom of the page!
Once you understand the copy-writing traps, you'll be able to effortlessly guide your visitors into buyers without ever making the same mistakes I made for so long...
Back when I was trying to figure everything out and vomiting at the thought of any direct selling, I fell into all three of the biggest copy-writing traps...
The first copy-writing trap is forgetting that most of your perfect customers have absolutely no idea they are struggling with a problem.
Contrary to popular belief, most of us don't actually realise there is a problem until someone points it out to us.

To get your customer interested in the thing that you are selling you not only have to delve deep into their mind, their life and their emotions... 

But also, show them why what they are experiencing is not only wrong, it is entirely catastrophic.

You have got to help them see that the pain they are feeling is because of this 'one thing'.

EXAMPLE 1: If their house is falling down and you are an energy healer. You need to make them see that it is happening because they are trapped in a cycle of 'negative energy'...

EXAMPLE 2: If their partner has left them and you sell a specialist cream which is designed to stop your feet from smelling. You have to make them understand it's only happened because their feet stink...

EXAMPLE 3: If their dog keeps attacking the postman and you sell silent letterboxes. You have to show them the reason their dog attacks is because of the noise of the old, noisy letterbox.

Just make sure you are doing it with integrity.
Trust me; the fastest way to refund city and down a deep depressive emotional black hole is through, desperately made bull***t claims.
Here's the TRUTH:

We all want to believe that we're doing the exact things we need to do. 

We even convince ourselves the reason things aren't working out the way we hoped because; the universe hates us, Facebook hates us, or the 'market is too saturated'...
If all these things were right then, I would not have been able to: 
 transition from a psychologist to a business coach;
 launch an online programme to cold traffic; and
 successfully generate thousands of pounds within the first 24 hours.
Especially as at the time, I had no; email list, no social media following and no business coaching 'expert' status.
The only thing, I did have - badass copy-writing skills...
Trust me; you don't need a big list, thousands of fans or even a huge budget.
In fact, when I launched my online programme, I only had £50 to spend on Facebook ads...

But because I knew my perfect customer inside and out, I didn't even need to spend all £50...
I filled the programme, spending just £14.76!
It's time for you to be honest about the social media posts you've created... 

The sales pages you've made... 

And the times you've had 'sales conversations'...

Did you really help your customer understand that they have a problem?
If you did, that's AWESOME!

...but if you still aren't making money then chances are you then fell into trap number two...
The second trap is not helping them see that you, and only you, have the magical solution.
You and I both know that when we understand we have a problem, the first thing we do is jump onto Google to find the solution that's the cheapest, the fastest or the easiest to consume.
Say, for example, all of a sudden we realise we need to understand sales for our business to be successful.

In the technological age, at the first sign of a problem, we jump straight onto Google to find the solution which is the cheapest, the fastest and/or the easiest to consume.

After a little internet surfing, we discover that this isn't something that is going to be an instant transformation. 

Thankfully, we realise that armed with the right information, we will quickly be able to witness a rapid upsurge in our sales. 
But, because we're wise to sales tactics, instead of getting trigger happy with the buy button, we skip to the reviews to find out what other people say.

We discover that actually, this book probably is the exact thing we need...

Again, just before we hit buy, we'll head off to do a little more internet surfing... 

After all, there's no way we're going to get stung by any expensive delivery charges!

And, if at the checkout we have the choice of waiting 24 hours before the book turns up, followed by hours upon hours reading the book...

 Or the choice to pay a little more for an audio version, enabling us to just listen to someone else telling us what we need to do... 

We'll quite simply, forget the physical copy altogether and say yes to the audio.
In fact, statistically, we'll happily pay a more if our effort is reduced and the results we can expect are the same.
Forget statistics; both one of my clients and I literally did this EXACT same thing a few days ago..

We both chose to pay $47 for a FREE book (which actually cost $9.97 for shipping/handling). 

The extra $37 we paid was purely for convenience... 

The sheer simplicity of being able to consume the information while we're walking the dogs, cleaning the house or even just chilling out in the garden with a glass of Prosecco...

For us, we get what we want in a way that fit's into our busy lifestyles, for the author, they just bagged another $37 for air.

Yup, we both technically just paid $37 for air.

The book's author recorded himself reading the book once for a total of eight and a half hours.

Now he gets $37 every single time someone decides they're too lazy, too busy or too posh to read...
He made $74 from me, and my client combined, which works out at around $8.70 per hour (based on the length of the audio).
Over here in the UK that is roughly the same as the national minimum wage!

Trust me; this only worked because the sales message was bang-on.
To avoid copy-writing trap number two, you have also got to show them; WHY your product or service is the ONLY solution to their problem.
So, back to the examples from earlier:

EXAMPLE 1: We said: 'If their house is falling down and you are an energy healer. You need to make them see that it is happening because they are trapped in a cycle of 'negative energy'...

This statement then becomes something like: The only way to reverse the effects of your negativity on the state of your home is by joining the 'energy alignment programme' so that you can finally sleep soundly at night without worrying you'll wake up in the morning to discover the roof has caved in, the wall has fallen down, or even you're entire front room has disappeared into a giant sinkhole! The 'energy alignment programme' is guaranteed to work in less than 7 days. If it doesn't work for you, we'll refund 100% of your money back!

EXAMPLE 2: We said: If their partner has left them and you sell a specialist cream which is designed to stop your feet from smelling. You have to make them understand it's only happened because their feet stink...

This statement could become something along the lines of: The only way to get your partner to return without resorting to kidnapping is by using the 'no-more stinky feet' foot cream twice a day. Janet said "Before using 'no-more stinky feet' my 25-year marriage was over. I'd literally tried everything. Since using the cream twice a day, my feet smell amazing. It was so easy to use, it took less than 30 seconds to apply morning and night! Thanks to 'no-more stinky feet', Mike and I are having the best time of our lives. We couldn't be happier." 

EXAMPLE 3: We said: If their dog keeps attacking the postman and you sell silent letterboxes. You have to show them the reason their dog attacks is because of the noise of the old, noisy letterbox.

This statement might become something like: The only way to stop your dog from attacking the postman and leaving you facing a costly lawsuit is by installing the 'silent letterbox'. In clinical trials, the silent letterbox has been proven to reduce the 'fight, flight or freeze' state in the brain of dogs by over 98% the very first time it is used! It's so easy to install, even a child could do it! 
Again, please do it with integrity.
So here's the question - in your sales pages, social media posts and sales conversations; did you genuinely help your customer understand why your solution was either faster, easier to consume or cheaper?
The third and final trap is not getting them to understand why they need to invest right now.
The thing is, this trap is not only the easiest to escape; it is also the easiest to implement.

More importantly, when used, it is proven to increase conversion rates INSTANTLY!
And in case you haven't worked it out yet, I'm talking about URGENCY.
I'm absolutely not talking about 'fake scarcity' which some douche-bag gurus use...

You know the ones, who say there's only 100 left but you know they've got thousands of the things stashed in in their garage...
I'm talking about real urgency; urgency created through emotion.
It's called 'fear of missing out' for a reason.

You've got to 'prod the bear'. 

You need to make your potential customers so terrified that if they choose to pass up the opportunity to 'act now', then their whole world will come crashing down around their ears.

The only way you do this is by truly knowing what your customer is most afraid of.

And, the only way you know this is by asking them.
You cannot create real heart-attack-inducing fear if you don't understand your perfect customers intimately.
If you do not create panic in the minds and hearts of your customers, then they will keep surfing the internet until they find the person who does!
Take, for example, the following two 'urgency' statements for someone who's run out of toilet paper and the only one on the shelf is three times the price they usually pay...

VERSION 1: Buy now before it's too late!

VERSION 2: Buy now before it's too late! Leaving you trapped in a situation where the only thing you can use is your hands...

OK, I get that when it comes to toilet paper, we don't often need to spell it out so blatantly...

But you have to admit, the second one would definitely tip you over the edge to 'buy now', rather than head to another supermarket and 'hope' they had some cheaper rolls left on the shelf...
Without further ado, let's go back to our three examples from earlier and add in a little urgency:
EXAMPLE 1: We said: 'The only way to reverse the effects of your negativity on the state of your home is by joining the 'energy alignment programme' so that you can finally sleep soundly at night without worrying you'll wake up in the morning to discover the roof has caved in, the wall has fallen down or even you're entire front room has disappeared into a giant sinkhole! The 'energy alignment programme' is guaranteed to work in less than 7 days. If it doesn't work for you, we'll refund 100% of your money back!' 
The urgency statement could be something along the lines of: Don't delay book your place on the upcoming 'energy alignment programme'. Every second you wait increases the likelihood of your house succumbing to your negative energy. Don't let your negativity be the reason that blocks you from discovering the simple step-by-step solution which is guaranteed to keep your house safe! Click the link to reserve your place before it's too late!

EXAMPLE 2: We said: 'The only way to get your partner to return without resorting to kidnapping is by using the 'no-more stinky feet' foot cream twice a day. Janet said "Before using 'no-more stinky feet' my 25-year marriage was over. I'd literally tried everything. Since using the cream twice a day, my feet smell amazing. It was so easy to use, it took less than 30 seconds to apply morning and night! Thanks to 'no-more stinky feet', Mike and I are having the best time of our lives. We couldn't be happier."'

The urgency inducing statement might say: Buy your bottle of 'no-more stinky feet' in the next 10 minutes, and we'll not only ship you out another bottle completely free. We'll also send you a 'no-more stinky feet' customised foot scraper, 7 specialist applicator gloves and 3 of our patented 'no-more stinky feet' odour reducers for your shoes. Also for free! That's right, in the next 10 minutes you'll get over £97 worth of products for just £17. Click the button to purchase your bottle and receive your free gifts before the promotion ends!

EXAMPLE 3: We said: 'The only way to stop your dog from attacking the postman and leaving you facing a costly lawsuit is by installing the 'silent letterbox'. In clinical trials, the silent letterbox has been proven to reduce the 'fight, flight or freeze' state in the brain of dogs by over 98% the very first time it's used! It's so easy to install, even a child could do it.'

The urgency statement might read something like: WARNING! Unless you take action today and buy your 'silent letterbox', you could face thousands in legal fees. Did you know the average payout to a postman for a dog-bite is £35,000? If you don't have that kind of money stashed under your mattress, click the button below to buy your silent letterbox right now!
And one more time for good luck... Do it with integrity.
So, here's the last question - did you really help your potential customers understand why right now?
I get it, right now you're probably thinking something like... it can't be that easy?
Or maybe, that there must be something more profound I'm not telling you?
I want you to know it really is.

But you can't write sales copy so compelling it converts if you don't understand who your perfect customer actually is.

In all my years in business, all the mistakes I've made, not truly paying attention to my customer is hands-down the biggest one.

This mistake has cost me so much money...

 I shudder to even think about the amount I would have made; if I'd only just listened to my first business coach!

OK, so I have a little confession to make...

I wasn't 100% honest a little bit ago when I mentioned my online programme...

You know, when I said that I made thousands in the first 24 hours after launching it?

You see, I had tried to launch it three weeks before and had £0 sales...

That isn't to say, what I said was a lie.

It genuinely was true, it just wasn't the whole truth...

Like most people who make it, there's always a fair few failures first.

So back to my disaster...
For the first three days after 'cart closed' I cried my eyes out.
I'd spent over £200 on Facebook ads and had successfully managed to get hundreds of people going through my sales funnel and 4-part 'Jeff Walker style' launch videos. 

I had hundreds of people turning up to the live webinars or watching them on replay.

I had hundreds of people clicking through to the sales page.
Yet I had 0 sales.
Seriously. WTF?!
By this time, I'd been through 4 of the sales programmes and let me tell you, the copy was genuinely incredible...

Did you know you can install 'heat map' things which literally track your visitors' movements across a web-page?

I could see the time they were spending watching the video, reading the copy and scrolling ever so slowly down the page and consuming every single word...

Yet none of it seemed to matter.

Not one single bit...
I had two choices.

Quit or do something so terrifying the thought of it made my stomach turn into knots...
Quitting was not an option, I was in too deep... so I did something most entrepreneurs never do...
I reached out to my perfect customers and asked if I could interview them.
I asked them whether I could talk to them about the programme, about what things they liked and most importantly why they didn't invest.

I didn't just send them an email.

I got on a Zoom call with them.
I was literally sitting face to face with people who had rejected my offer to help them...
Before the first call, I felt physically sick.
I almost cancelled multiple times...
But I knew that this was the only way I'd ever truly get to the bottom of what went wrong.

I could use all the covert tactics in the world. 

But nothing other than an actual conversation with someone who'd said no to my offer would give me: the insight, the awareness and the answers, I desperately needed to succeed.
Thankfully, they were phenomenal.
They were honest, they were open, and they were genuinely happy to help me.
I can tell you, I have never been so relieved in all my life than I was after getting off the call with the five women who said no.

Not because my knees were still knocking by the time the fifth interview rolled around, but because as it transpired, I actually knew my customer pretty well.

Every conversation confirmed I had hit every pain point...

That the language I used was speaking directly to them...

And most importantly, it was effective at making them hungry to start the programme...

But during the interview, they all said the same thing; they literally didn't have the money.

Their business was doing so poorly, they were struggling to cover the bills they had let alone payout for yet another training programme...
Armed with this information, I did what I should have done before I even attempted to launch a programme.
I sat back down, redefined my ideal customer.

Next, I found 5 real-live people who fit this profile perfectly.

Again, I jumped onto Zoom.

I mean, after all, facing down people who rejected you, chatting to people who have no prior emotional connection to you is easy.

Do you want to hear the crazy thing?

The person who took part in the very last interview ended up being the first person to buy the programme when it relaunched!

In fact, just as I was signing off to say thank you, she said: "So, when is it launching again because it sounds like exactly what I need for my business."
For a few seconds, I just sat there staring at the screen, stunned.
At first, what had just happened didn't really sink in.

She'd had no sales pitch...

She'd had no 'launch videos'...

She'd had nothing except a bear-bones explanation of the programme and me pretty much grilling her for information...

Yet here she was, ready and eager to invest in a programme I had very nearly given up on...
If you do an interview with someone who fit's your ideal customer and they are asking you 'how do I get it', you know you have something worthwhile.
It sound's crazy, that I hadn't taken into account whether my potential customers could afford to pay...

It seems like one of the most fundamental questions you should be asking yourself before ever bringing something to market.

Yet we don't.

And because this one targeting error almost derailed my own business, it's something I always bring up with my clients very early on in the process.
Over the years, I've noticed that as soon as we start drilling down into their perfect customer... 

Very quickly it becomes apparent, they too were trying to serve people who can't afford to pay!

Look, this revelation doesn't mean you have to lower your prices...

It doesn't mean you need to find a whole other niche to focus on...

It also doesn't mean you need to overhaul your service or product radically, so it costs less for you to deliver it...
You just need to make a few tweaks to your sales language, and everything will change.
For me to go from spending over £200 and having hundreds of people saying 'no thanks', to spending £14.76 and filling out my programme, I literally did these three things:

#1 Made a few minor tweaks to the words I used to describe the pain my perfect customers were in to make sure they were in a position to invest;

#2 Included a three payment option...; and 

#3 I recorded a Facebook live and hit the boost button.

It literally took me 65 minutes to make these changes and record the video.
After weeks of nothing... in mere hours sales started rolling in!
STEP #1 KEY TAKEAWAY: Help your customer understand they have a problem, you are their only solution, and they need to act now!
Oh and don't forget to make sure you're targeting customers who can actually afford to pay you...!
Meet Julie. Julie is a Transformational Coach and Energy Healer who ended up walking away from a practice she'd successfully run for years and relocating to a completely different country...

Julie Hamilton (2019)
Founder; Mindful Manifesting

The Results Speak For Themselves...

>>Click the image to enlarge<<
After almost six months of 'trying' to get her online programme off the ground, she was ready to give up and get a job.

Julie and I only crossed paths because we both happened to be paying someone else to deliver a programme on mastering webinars. 

One day I spotted that she had written a message in the Facebook group confused, frustrated and desperate for help from the programme creator.

Three days later, she asked the same question...

I couldn't bear the thought of her struggling and going through what I had been through many years before so I reached out to her and gave her a few pointers.
A couple of weeks later, she had her first-ever online sale for her online programme.
Knowing that it was truly possible, she decided to go 'all in' on her business and asked me to help.
Within 8 hours of her organic re-launch she had generated 9 qualified leads and 1 sale. 
6 weeks later; over 1,500 visitors, 115 qualified leads, 4 direct sales and 5 indirect sales into her high-ticket 1-2-1 programmes from social media.
Without Paying A SINGLE Penny On Advertising.

She said;
"Katie Woodland is a true gift when it comes to building your business. She has helped me so much with creating my sales copy and funnel and her knowledge, support and patience is outstanding.

If you want to create a successful business and have the opportunity to gain some of Katie's expertise, you are one very lucky person."
The problem is that even when you know sales, it doesn't mean you'll make any money...
Don't get me wrong, it's definitely the first place you need to start, but you can't just end there.
You see, there's this thing called 'K-L-T'. 

If ignored, it will not only cause your sales to take a nose-dive but will also be the reason you end up facing rejection day after day.

And, I'm not talking about the run of the mill type of rejection when a bartender serves someone else before you, even though you've been stood in the line forever...

I'm talking about the soul-crushing, heart-wrenching, world-ending type of rejection you felt the time you gave out your first Valentines card as a kid and never got one back...
Skipping the K-L-T is like handing your dreams over to Nelson Muntz and watching him stamp on it as he says 'ha-ha' in that weird creepy, tear-inducing way...
Back when I was just starting out in the entrepreneurial world, I was so excited about 'getting out there' I dived straight in doing the two most important things any entrepreneur can do; secure my domain name and build my website...
I was building my business on a shoestring budget, so no way could I afford upwards of £3k for someone else to create a website for me.

I was pretty sure it couldn't be that hard.

It didn't matter that I'd not been anywhere near a website for years, other than to shop ...

I was full of new entrepreneur confidence in my skills, my abilities and my sheer determination to 'make it happen'.

To be fair, in the past, I had taken programming courses and even developed the Alumni section of my Undergraduate University website.

So I had a little technological knowledge.

Plus, there was always YouTube to steer me in the right direction.

Back then, I genuinely believed that I'd not only be able to throw together a fantastic looking website really quickly...

I also believed it would be so magnificent, I'd be inundated with calls and fully-booked in several weeks.
In fact, I remember being sat in my office wondering how I go about hiring a receptionist to funnel all these calls for me ...

I mean surely if as a psychologist, I was effectively helping countless numbers of people from a deep dark depression, back on the road to a happy, healthy life in under 12 weeks. 

I could easily create a website which turned visitors into buyers? 
Come on... admit it... you were the exact same about your skills, talents and abilities when you first started...
Anyway, suffice to say the whole 'build it, and he'll come' that Kevin Costner's character Ray spouted in Field Of Dreams is complete and utter codswallop...
No one came.
The phone didn't ring off the hook...
I didn't need to worry about hiring a receptionist...
What made matters even worse was the clients I was managing to secure before building my website dried up...

You see, to get the 'breathtaking' website up and running, I'd had to plough all my time, money and effort into it.

Which meant, retreating from physical networking events.

This was the dumbest move I've ever made...
I stopped doing the one thing which was generating an income to do something which 'might' get me clients!
Thankfully, I was not deterred and still full of the overly optimistic, 'can-do' attitude us entrepreneurs are blessed with... 

I dived into studying anything and everything I could about things like: keywords, content marketing, back-linking, Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, Joint Venture partnerships, list building and every other 'traffic' related hack I could find.
I joined up for so many webinars, courses and programmes I even watched the same one with Amy Porterfield three times...
I consumed so many blogs, cheat-sheets and worksheets I filled a whole shelf on my bookshelf.
Instead of being like 99% of other entrepreneurs, and just having all this information fill up my hard-drive and my office space...

I implemented every single thing I learned.

The results were insane...

Within a couple of weeks, my website views went from 10 to 1,000 a month.

I remember looking at my google analytics and being blown away at the sheer volume of people who were taking time out of their day to find out about my services.

Then all of a sudden, it dawned on me...

If I was able to get thousands of people to my website, then why wasn't my phone ringing?

Surely, if I was able to make money offline, and now I had a magical online space, money should be rolling in?
Surely by now, I was doing everything, right?
I knew having a website worked to make money.

I'd seen it before.

While working in the Alumni office, the Director of Fundraising would frequently come in saying that someone had 'pressed the donate button' and handed over hundreds...

More than that, I'd purchased programmes, courses and coaching after landing on other peoples websites...
It took me months to realise what was wrong...
Thankfully, you don't have to wait for months!

You just need to keep reading...
Here's the cold-hard reality of selling online or offline...
A Universities Alumni website is not the same as a website designed to sell services to someone they've never met!
When someone lands on a University Alumni website, they already have an affinity for the organisation.

They already know, like and trust that this organisation has their back.
When someone was landing on my website, they had NO IDEA who I was, whether they liked me, and most certainly did not know if they could trust me enough to part with their hard-earned cash!
Understanding sales copy is fantastic for helping your customers get that they have a problem, you have the solution and that they need it right now, BUT it doesn't mean they're going to like you or trust you enough to give you any money.
Understanding how to effectively utilise the; know, like and trust factor (K-L-T), throughout your sales-copy is the key to actually converting visitors into buyers.
So, if you're not in a position where you don't desperately need to hire a receptionist, then chances are you're skipping the K-L-T too!
To break the K-L-T barrier, you have got to take the time to give your potential customers the opportunity to:
 get to know you;
 decide if they like you; and
 trust you enough to fix their problem.
If you don't take the time to nurture your potential customer, they'll never hand over their hard-earned cash. 

No matter how amazing your sales copy. 

No matter how amazing your product/service. 

And no matter how much you spend chasing them around the internet with cleverly designed re-targeting ads.
Right now, you might be thinking something along the lines of... 'that's cool and all... but how do I do that?'
Have you ever heard the phrase, 'asking for the sale on your first interaction is the same as asking someone to marry you on the first date?'

If not ... well, now you have ...

OK, all joking aside, holding onto this one phrase will literally transform your business.
I'm sure you'll have experienced the 'friend request' followed by the automatic product and/or service 'vomit' into your social media DM? 

I want you to think back to the last time it happened.

How did you feel?

Used, angry, disgusted...?

Now think about what you did in response...

Did you A: say 'Oh yes, thanks that's amazing! I'd love to buy all of your products, and I can't wait to convince all of my friends and family to do the same'...?


Did you B: think to yourself 'What a douche-bag', and then quickly hit the 'unfriend' or even 'block' button...?

This kind of 'social selling' is not only the worst thing you can do for your reputation, but it will also be slowly chipping away at your energy, your enthusiasm and your entrepreneurial spirit.
So what can you do?

Well for starters, think about how you go about building a relationship with someone in person.

You usually stroll up, say hi, ask them things about themselves and then maybe after a few weeks your friendship has blossomed.

Now that you're friends, you happily tell them about all the things that you know are going to help them reach their dreams, regardless of whether it is something you are selling.
It's the EXACT same thing in business.
Your first conversation with someone whether it's to a friend request, an email after they've just opted into something or they've trusted you enough to buy from you...

 Has got to be all about you thanking them for allowing you to get to know them, for downloading your thing or buying your stuff.

Say, thank you.

Acknowledge and appreciate the fact that they trusted you enough to say yes, even if it only was a tiny little yes.
Next, you need to share things with them that they are going to find helpful in their quest to reach all of their most audacious dreams, regardless of whether you benefit financially or not.
Take this page for example; you have had to pay £0 to consume the information on this page. 

If you utilise the things you've learned, you'll absolutely be able to generate some cash for your business.

More importantly, you've been able to gauge what type of person I am by the style of writing I've used, the little gifs which have been dotted across the page and you even now have an idea of how other people I've worked with see me.

By now, if you're still reading this, you will have been able to work out whether you like me or not.

The off-hand stories, memoirs and interjected thoughts will have helped you feel like you know me, even though we've never met.

And all the pieces of advice, support and guidance which have been dotted throughout the page will also be helping you figure out whether you trust me.
So far, it has taken me upwards of 16 hours to write this feature for you.

I've been back over it time and time again, checking it makes sense, checking that I'm giving you actionable steps and making sure I'm being of service to you.

Not to mention all the spelling corrections, grammatical revising and structural formatting and re-formatting... 
It's crucial you understand how much effort has gone into crafting this for you...

Even if, as in this case, there are at least another 8 hours or so to go until it's finished...
Breaking the K-L-T barrier takes time.
In fact, it takes a heck of a lot of time!
It takes you pouring your heart and soul into something until it's perfect.
It takes you pushing through the frustration of not knowing precisely what your customer needs from you until your thing is already created and either works to help them or fills your Twitter feed full of very unfriendly comments...

And it leaves you trapped in a weird limbo where you're crossing your fingers hoping, wishing and praying, that your perfect customer not only manages to stumble across the thing you've created but genuinely gets everything they need.
Please know, breaking the K-L-T barrier is one of the most important things you can do.

If you skimp on the effort you put in, rush through it or completely ignore it, then you will forever stay trapped in a business which slowly saps all the life out of you, not to mention eats through any money you've had stashed away under your mattress for rainy days...
You might be building a business, but regardless of what you are selling, you are selling to people.
People need love.

People need to be needed.

People need you to take the time to get to know them before you ever ask them to do something for you.

So please, if you remember nothing else from this feature, remember this:
STEP 2 KEY TAKEAWAY: stop vomiting your product/service onto your potential customers and build a relationship instead!
Meet Paula. Paula is a Chartered Financial Accountant who left the corporate world to start her own accounting firm so that she could spend more time with her family and less time travelling around the globe managing multi-million Euro accounts...
Paula Travers (2018); 
Charted Financial Accountant
After being in business for 12 months and realising that all her years of experience in the corporate world, Paula knew something wasn't quite working in her business.

She'd joined membership groups, started networking and even spent money on various programmes and courses to help her build a business.

She'd tried doing the things she'd been taught yet for some reason, it just wouldn't work for her...

After understanding how to weave converting sales copy into her sales conversations and how to focus on relationship building, things changed.

Now she was 'networking with purpose' and securing leads and sales from places she'd been attending for months,  previously without success.

She said:
Katie is a multi-talented lady with an innate ability to understand your business (sometimes better than you do yourself!).

She brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and passion to everything she does.
I highly recommend working with Katie if you are fortunate enough to get the opportunity."
Did you know, there's something even worse than blatantly ignoring the K-L-T or being useless at sales copy?
In fact, this thing is so damaging to your ability to achieve success in all honesty, I think the word should be classed as X-rated... 
You see, the reason what I'm about to reveal is so detrimental to your ability to achieve all of your dreams is because its something every single entrepreneur relies on to succeed...


I said it.

The filthy word in the entrepreneurial world.

I may even need to go and wash my mouth out with a little soap...

If you're still reading this then I know, you know what I'm talking about.
Websites are like the black sheep of all the technology entrepreneurs have at their finger-tips.

They lure you in, enticing you with all of their flashy, fancy and flamboyant swagger...

You spend thousands of pounds or hours pouring your heart and soul into them...

You may even spend thousands of pounds paying greedy, grubby and gutless media conglomerations in the hope that they will send people to them...

They let you down, time and time again, never delivering on their promise...

Yet, we still hold onto the belief that someday, sometime, somehow it will solve all of our wildest business dreams...
"Hope is not an effective marketing strategy."
Stephen Larsen (2019); Founder Offer Mind and The Sales Funnel Radio Podcast
Hoping that if you write good enough sales copy and if you manage to break the K-L-T barrier that your website will come to the rescue like a magical unicorn pulling a cart full of gold, is the fastest way to find yourself emotionally broken and all of your business dreams thoroughly shattered!

In fact, truth be told, relying on your website to make you money is the same as relying on a car with no wheels to get you to the other side of the country.

It's quite simply; never going to happen.
Chances are, you've probably been wondering whats the difference between the entrepreneurs who are sitting at home, chilling on the sofa and watching TV all the while their phone keeps pinging to alert them to another lead added to their email address or another sale...

And you?

What is it they're doing that you're not?

Why is it they're making money, changing lives and living their dream life...?

While you're still trapped in the exact same place you were 3 weeks ago, 3 months ago or even 3 years ago?

So here it is:
They ditched their website.
They did what you need to do.

They treated their website like a no-good partner who was taking everything and giving nothing in return.

They broke up with their website, and you need to do it too!
Now, you may be wondering if I've gone slightly off the deep-end a little here because surely I'm being a hypocrite?

How can I have 'ditched my website' if you're sat reading this feature which is... on my website...?
Here's the secret...
You're not on my website.
You are in my funnel.
If you've never heard of a funnel, don't worry. 

Much like I helped you with Steps 1 and 2 above. 

I'm going to help you understand what a funnel is so that you can use it effectively to generate a wealth of leads and sales for your own business.
But first, you need to truly understand why your website is blocking your chances of success.
You see, websites are much like smartphones in the fact that they're fundamentally flawed.

Just like a smartphone which breaks the moment you drop it even though it's 'designed' to be mobile...

A website which we all know are supposed to be your 24/7 sales machine is, in fact, your 24/7 sales blocker.
In fact, in some circles, websites are known as being part of the 'anti-sales' department...
Firstly, they're utterly confusing! 
While you know precisely which pages link together and how to find information on your website, your customer doesn't. 

Be honest, how many times have you typed something into Google, the exact thing you need, shown up in the search engine only to find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what button you're supposed to press, where you're supposed to put your payment information or whether you've even landed on the page you thought you were going to...?

Just because you set your website up in a logical order, you can't guarantee that your customer will enter your website on your homepage.

In fact, if you've got a great blog driving organic traffic, then the only strategy to determine where they'll go next involves a heck of a lot of guesswork, a psychic and a unicorn...

Also, if you're getting close to hitting rock bottom, you may have become so cash strapped you've followed the 'click-bait' template... 

Bamboozling your customer by filling your website with pop-ups, google ads and all kinds of craziness specifically designed to get them off your website and to buy someone else's product/service...
Your 'website' is supposed to be a digital representation of a physical store.

Whether you're selling a product or a service in the olden days, you had to have a physical location where people went to buy.

But just think about your previous shopping trips for a moment.

When you first walk up to the store, what do you see?

Chances are it's the door.
OK, so maybe they have one for going in and one for coming out...

But most of the time, there is a straightforward way to get inside. 

Your website is different.

Every single page, every single blog post and every single offer you have is like a different door.
It's the same as turning up to a shop and being presented with not one door, and maybe a beautiful window display, but instead, you're instantly confronted by 25 different doors.
Some doors say they'll tell you great things and help you out (your blog)...

Other doors say they'll show you what you can buy (your services page)...

Other doors allow you to get to know the team (your about me page)...

Another door lets you say hi (your contact us page)...

Then maybe, just maybe you spot the original door, the door that leads to all of these places (your home page)... 
Within seconds, you're so confused the only sensible thing to do is to grab a bottle of wine, chug it back and resign yourself to the fact you'll never overcome your problem...
This is the exact same way your customers feel every time they land on your website!
Bet you didn't think you'd find out today that you're partly responsible for the upsurge in alcohol sales?

OK, so I might be stretching the truth just a little, but only a little...
Secondly, just because your customer manages to figure out your website, it doesn't mean they're ready to buy...
Now you might have read that last statement and are thinking something along the lines of; 'whoa there cowgirl. That's some seriously crazy talk you've got going on there... Of course, my customers are ready to buy!' 
I genuinely hate to be the one to break it to you, but I'm going to prove to you it's not crazy talk...

It is instead, the most frustratingly honest thing you'll hear today.
Here's what you need to do:
Go and check your website stats, I bet that very, very few of your visitors ever go anywhere near your 'services' pages...
While, you probably have really high 'about me' page views, yet even this doesn't translate into a wealth of calls, bookings or sales...

One of the biggest problems you'll ever face is something called the 'buying cycle.

The most commonly banded around statistic thrown around about sales is the industry-standard conversion rate of 1-2% (Skyworks Marketing, 2019).
Based on this percentage, you need at least 100 people to visit your sales page before one person is statistically likely to purchase!
So, the question is...

How many of your visitors are not only landing on your sales page but are actually reading the whole thing?




The thing is, there's an ugly truth about the 1-2% conversion rate that most people don't want to think about let alone talk about it...
But because I'm not most people...
The reality of a 1-2% conversion rate is that 98-99% of people who land on your website are just browsing.
They have no intention of purchasing anything.
They're just taking their time measuring you up against the competition, checking out your prices and deciding whether you really are offering the solution they need...

They don't even give you a chance to K-L-T the heck out of them before they've already decided they're not interested!
And do you know what makes this even more painful?
Statistically, someone needs to interact with you at least eight times before they say yes.
This means you have got to get one person to successfully navigate the confusing, complicated and convoluted nature of your website at least 8 times before they even give you the time of day and allow you the opportunity to pitch your product or service.
Finally, websites are not actually designed to sell... 
While it's 100% true that your website is your 'virtual shop window', a shop window is and has always been a marketing tactic.


Sales and marketing are two fundamentally different things.
Marketing is designed to build awareness and pique interest.
Marketing is not designed to sell.
Sales tactics are designed to make money.

One makes you think about the possibility of a beautiful future on the other side of your problem...

The other makes your current situation so painful you feel compelled to take action to fix it!

Websites are your marketing.

Funnels are the thing you need to make sales.
A sales funnel is specifically designed to send people through a sequence of relevant pages so that they have only one choice; the choice to invest or to walk away. 
Sales funnels do not give people the option to get distracted by pop-ups, by blog posts or by anything else you find lurking on a website.

Sales funnels guide, support and lead your perfect customer to the exact product or service they need, to solve the problem they are experiencing.
Sales funnels help your perfect customer reach all of their dreams because they are no longer bogged down by the one thing which is causing them so much pain.
Most importantly, sales funnels are statistically proven to help entrepreneurs effortlessly generate 6 times the sales, without 6 times the work!
You literally set it up once, and your sales funnel does all of the hard work, over and over again.
Anyone successful online is utilising the power of sales funnels.
Think about the entrepreneurs you're following.

Think about all the times you've clicked through one of their social media ads to get their latest free thing.

Did you go to their website?

Or did you, in fact, go to a completely separate stand-alone page where you only had one choice; the choice to say yes, or the choice to walk away...?
I've been in business for over 5 years, and even though I was lucky enough to be introduced to funnels very early on... 

I did the same thing most of my clients did...

I stayed with what I knew.
This was the second dumbest thing I've done since starting my entrepreneurial journey...
So, you remember that launch I mentioned earlier?

The one which bombed first then worked the second time?
Well... there was one final thing that I did which I haven't yet 'fessed' up to...
I took the whole thing off my website and instead created one simple funnel.
The Facebook live was actually the FIRST step in my funnel.
If my video was compelling enough and managed to smash through the K-L-T barrier, they were sent to a single page.

The 'sales page'.

No launch videos.

No webinar.

No gimmicks.
Just an opportunity to have their problem fixed with them sat the driving seat and me sat in the passenger seat, armed with the map and the destination.
There was no opportunity for anyone to get sidetracked.
They were either in, or they were out.
Here's what happened in the first 24 hours...
That was over 12 months ago, and those 24 hours were just the start of the craziest ride of my life!
Since then, I've launched a book, a membership and a coaching programme, all of which is 100% automated.

Every single sales funnel serves to bring me leads and sales every single day.
But it's not just me...

Anyone who drives traffic to a sales funnel which utilises effective sales copy to break down the K-L-T barrier makes money.

This is not a wishful thinking statement - this is a fact.

So, isn't it about time you did the sensible thing and broke up with your website?
STEP #3 KEY TAKEAWAY: Your website is a marketing tool NOT a sales tool. To make money online you need to invest in the ONLY tool designed to make sales ... a sales funnel.
Meet Louise. Louise is a Wellness Mentor, Yoga Teacher and International Speaker who for the last 20 years has dreamt of bringing the healing power of yoga to thousands of people. In 2019, that dream finally came true.
Do you remember me telling you about the 5 interviews I did with my perfect customers?

Well... funny thing, that was Louise.

She changed my life by believing in the worth of what I was creating.

Since that day back in September 2018, Louise has consumed everything I've put out.

She's one of my founding FERM programme members, she's a founding member of my membership group, she's joined me in other people's challenges if I've suggested it and she even bought my book when it was first released.

She was doing everything to turn her dream into a reality but no matter how hard she tried she hadn't realised one simple thing...

She is an expert at what she does, not an expert at building converting sales funnels...
The moment Louise accepted her job was to bring light to women in only the way she can, she also realised she needed to allow someone else to help her make it happen.
Since working together, Louise has not only launched multiple sales funnels all of which are not only generating sales, they've reduced the amount of work she was having to do to get people to her yoga classes, to register for her events and she's even managed to turned her 20-year dream into a reality.
Because she chose to hand over the keys and let someone else build her sales funnel she ...
SOLD OUT her online yoga programme in the first 48 hours of launching.
She said:
Thank you Katie Woodland for all your help building my funnel with Sales Copy I would never have thought of myself 🙏 😊. I really appreciate your experience, support and prompt replies every time. Louise.
What would your life look like if you were able to consistently generate leads and sales for your business every single day...?
Would you be able to spend more time with your family?

Would you be able to stop worrying about where the money will come from to pay the bills?

Would you be able to finally feel like you were living a life with meaning?

Would you be able look at yourself in the mirror without feeling shame, guilt or fear?
Having a business which brings in leads and sales every single day is easier than you think.
You don't have to spend thousands upon thousands of pounds learning sales copy.

You don't have to figure out how to drive traffic to your sales pages.

You don't have to understand how to break the K-L-T barrier.

You don't even have to know how to ditch your website and build a converting sales funnel.
Introducing the 'Build My Funnel' Service:
The Build My Funnel Service is a simple service which enables you to hand over the responsibility of turning your passion into a profitable reality to someone with a proven track record of turning website visitors, social media followers and strangers into loyal customers pumping cash into your business over and over again.
Here's what you get when you decide to say 'yes' to the Build My Funnel Service with Katie:

The Right Sales Funnel Built For You

One of the biggest obstacles to financial freedom for any entrepreneur is knowing how to turn their website visitors, social media followers and complete strangers into loyal cash-generating customers.

After years of being in business, learning from the most successful of the digital age and helping other peoples businesses generate thousands of pounds trust me when I tell you; unless you've spent upwards of £35,000 and spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours learning, there is so much you do not know.

By working with Katie, you get to avoid making the biggest mistake of your life - trying to figure everything out on your own.

Compelling Sales Copy Written For Your Entire Sales Funnel

Trying to figure out the technology behind building a sales funnel is relatively easy. 

The problem is that formulating something which not only sounds good but also loving leads your prospect to customer is the hardest thing you'll ever have to learn.

But it gets worse... It's not just 'hard to learn' it is the one thing that will determine whether your business gives you the time and money freedom you deserve or lands you in thousands of pounds worth of debt, destroys the relationships with the people you love and shatters your self-worth, your self-belief and any semblance you had that you could make it.

By working with Katie, you can skip the pain, torment and internal torture that goes alongside launching something that fails, instead, she'll not only help you create a life which brings you joy, peace and happiness but also build a business that gives you the financial freedom, industry fame and long-lasting legacy you truly desire.

Digital Assets Created For You

Finding someone who not only builds a sales funnel but also writes amazing sales copy (and if you're all the way down here then you must think it's pretty dang awesome too...) is hard. 

Finding someone who builds a sales funnel, writes amazing sales copy and creates the digital assets you need to launch successfully is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Luckily for you, you've found the needle. By working with Katie, you'll be one of the even luckier ones who can turn the needle into something that is meaningful not someone who ends up getting it stuck somewhere it shouldn't...

Love, Support And Enthusiasm

I know, I know, I know... This doesn't initially strike you as something you'd be getting when you invest in the Build My Funnel Service. The problem is, it's important you know just how much I invest emotionally into seeing you succeed. 

If I didn't lay it out here for you, you'd get a shock the moment we start working together. You see, when you say yes to working with Katie, I match your commitment, drive and determination and join you for the whole ride.
So here's the exciting thing.

Right now, you have two choices.

You can choose to take the path that's hard, that's painful and that most often leads us down a rabbit hole of self-destruction...


You can choose to take a path which sees you turning all of your dreams into realities.

Just like me.

Just like Louise.

Just like Paula.

Just like Julie.

& just like everyone else I've supported by through the sales funnel process...
The only thing you need to do is to make a choice...
You need to decide if you really want to have a successful and profitable business.
Ready to go all in and turn your online business dreams into a reality so that you can finally experience the life you deserve?
It's time to make a choice:
One choice will serve you, the other sabotage you so choose wisely:
Just know, whatever you choose, I'm rooting for you.

Every business is different, employing different strategic approaches and organisational structures, and offering different products and services. Therefore, individual results will vary from user to user. YOUR BUSINESS’ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WILL VARY DEPENDING UPON A VARIETY OF FACTORS UNIQUE TO YOUR BUSINESS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO YOUR CONTENT, BUSINESS MODEL, AND PRODUCT AND SERVICE OFFERINGS.

Katie Woodland does not promise, guarantee, or warrant your business’ success, income, or sales. You understand and acknowledge that Katie Woodland will not at any time provide sales leads or referrals to you or your business. Those businesses who purchase our products or services will receive access to coaching, services and products to support you in your business journey. However, we do not guarantee your business’ success and based upon many market factors that we cannot control, it is your duty as the 'business owner' to you to implement the strategies discussed. urther, we do not make earnings claims, efforts claims, return on investment claims, or claims that our coaching, services and products. Will make your business any specific amount of money, and it is possible that you will not earn your investment back. We do not sell a business opportunity, “get rich quick” program, guaranteed system, franchise system, or a business in a box. You should not purchase our products or services if that is your expectation. Instead, you should purchase with the understanding that using the coaching, services and products purchased will take time and effort and may be applicable in some situations but not others. Also, we do not offer any tax, accounting, financial, or legal advice. You should consult your business’ accountant, attorney, or financial adviser for information on these topics.