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Reveals The SAFEST Way For Female Entrepreneurs Across The World To Quickly Overtake Their Competitors And Leave A Lasting Legacy On The World

...Even If You're A Complete Business Newbie, You Have Never Managed To Make A Sale Online Or Your Coaching Budget Is Less Than £0!!

Because I only help the most committed, determined and dedicated women creating a business you have 15 minutes to decide if you want in. Don't think about it for too long because once the timer hit's 00:00 you'll be locked out for the next 30 days. The real question you need to ask yourself; do you want to be helped for the next 30-Days to have the impact you desire or locked out of getting any help for the next 30-Days... 
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Yes! I'm ready to get help to build my business without paying thousands in coaching, learn how to generate a consistent income without needing to pay for advertising, and have confidence in the decisions I'm taking for my future and the future of my family!
I Understand That When I Act Now, I get VIP Membership For The NEXT 30 Days 100% FREE to "The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness Members Club", which includes:

The Membership Community (£147 p/m Value)

Join a family of like-minded wonderful female entrepreneurs and small business owners as they courageously battle through the unique business building juggling act only fellow women will understand. Unlike most membership sites, this one is purely dedicated to helping you balance your emotional well-being while taking relevant action steps to move your business forward without triggering endless levels of guilt. The tools, resources and friendships created to enable this to be your safe, non-judgemental place to go when you need to express your hopes, your dreams and your deepest darkest secrets. Just be prepared for an unparalleled level of support, guidance and acceptance right from day 1.

Monthly Business Spotlight (£497 p/m Value)

This Monthly Live Group Coaching Session holds the secret for you to radically overhaul parts of your business which are losing you money so that you can stop spending hours and hours figuring out what's going wrong and instead focus all your time, energy and effort serving your clients and having the impact you have been desiring.
Katie personally goes through your work line by line whether it's a sales page, an email sequence or your social media marketing strategy and gives you simple actionable steps you can use to QUICKLY increase your conversions, income and free time!

Weekly Windfall Wednesday (£247 p/m Value)

Your weekly ‘Windfall Wednesday’ is a LIVE Q&A session which provides all the tools, guidance and support you specifically need in your life and business so that you can take immediate action to address areas which are not working enabling you to quickly remove any overwhelm, confusion and frustration currently holding you back from successfully turning your passions into profits.
Katie joins you live EVERY Wednesday night to answer your questions, teach the latest strategies and to support you to take your business to the next level so that you can see a rapid growth without leaving you to figure everything out on your own!

Underground Resources Library (£997 Value)

Instantly access this Underground Resource Library which makes it easy for you to take action in your life and business today. Empowering you to make real long-term plans leading to exponential business growth and long-lasting emotional healing. Leaving you free to use the time you currently spend pushing boulders uphill trying to figure out 'all the things', relaxing, binge-watching Netflix and having fun with your family instead.
Instantly access over 3,000 hours worth of past training sessions, resources and bonus sessions requested by the community so that you can take IMMEDIATE action to course correct your life and business and see the results you deserve - fast!

Bonus #1: Access To The Daily Morning Practice (Value £3,750)

A 30 Minute Live Session EVERY Day Designed To Help You Start Your Day From A Place Of Joy, Optimism And Expectation Not One Of Fear, Frustration And Failure So That You Do Not Accidentally Sabotage Your Chances Of Success!

Bonus #2: 9 Pre-Made Plug & Play Converting Sales Funnels (Value £2,797)

Get Your Hands On 9 Ready-Made Sales Funnels (Including This One!) Which Have Been Proven To Convert Browsers Into Buyers So That You Can Quickly Increase Your Sales Online Without Increasing Your Workload Even If You Don't Have A Website, You Are A Self-Confessed Technophobe Or You've Never Yet Made A Sale Online!

Bonus #3: 70+ Ready-Made Mock-Ups For My Business (Value £97)

Helping You Easily Take Your Business Brand From Looking Amateur To Highly Professional So That You Can Convert More Of Your Social Media Fans Into Paying Customers, In Under 60 Seconds And Without Needing To Spend Hundreds On A Graphic Designer!

If you're a female entrepreneur or small business owner who desperately needs time and money freedom, understand this...

• The way businesses are standing out online is changing and unless you understand how to do this for your business it will be left behind...

• The Membership Club is limited to 100 spaces so that you can get the same level of hands on help, support and advice as a one-on-one coaching client, without paying anywhere near the same price...

The longer you spend figuring things out on your own, the less likely you are to ever succeed...

100% Guarantee!

If I decide to invest after the 30-Day VIP Trial and The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness Members Club doesn't show me exactly how to build my business without paying thousands in coaching... 
If it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step and show me how to generate a consistent income without needing to pay for advertising... 
Or if it fails to help me have confidence in the decisions I'm making for my future and the future of my family, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!
I understand that the regular price for all this is £47 per month...
But, when I act now, because Katie believes you should make money from what she teaches before you ever give her a penny, I get everything 100% FREE For The Next 30-Days! No Credit Card Required.

I also understand that I can cancel my VIP Trial at any time during the 30 days and will not be charged.
To Your Continued Success,

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get "The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness Members Club" is another minute You'll continue to fall further and further behind your competitors.... Put the power of "The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness Members Club" to work for you so you can quickly and easily get help to build your business without paying thousands in coaching, generate a consistent income without needing to pay for advertising, and have confidence in the decisions your taking for your future and the future of your family!

P.P.S. - But don't just take my word for it... take a look at these endorsements from other happy Female entrepreneurs just like you!
​Proof! Success Stories From Our Members!
Julie Hamilton; Transofmational Coach
"Hey Katie, um happy Valentines Day to you. I hope you're enjoying the sunshine? And thank you so much for your feedback on the call last night. I really appreciated it and it's really, really motivational and inspiring to hear your feedback cos it just kind of makes me more enthusiastic about the next step. Like now I know I'm doing it right and I'm getting somewhere. In a short space of  time. I'm kind of like, 'yeah I wanna do more'. Yeah, I'm really kind of, excited about keeping moving so thank you so much. I really do appreciate it. "
Julie Hamilton, Transformational Coach (Voice Message; Valentines Day 2019)
Paula Travers;
Virtual Financial Controller
​@ Travers Accounting Services 
"FERM members, who I now consider friends are guided, cajoled, coaxed, coached and carefully nurtured by Katie both emotionally and in our business.
It's not every day you will find someone like Katie.
Why not do yourself and your business a favour and get into Katie's world, it can be a bit crazy, but good crazy!"​
Sally Jackson;
Dog Behaviourist​
​@ SallyJPMR
"I have a renewed and enhanced sense of excitement and motivation with solid tools to not only keep me going and on track, but to flourish.
Completely unexpected was the relationship that has developed with the other FERM members, it would be hard not to bond with people who have committed fully and gone through the same emotional roller-coaster."
Pamela Catey;
Speaker, Writer, Coach & Artist
@ PamelaCatey
"The emotional coaching tools and support have been worth the price of admission alone. Unexpectedly, I have connected with the other participants at a depth which is both surprising and delightful.
Every day I'm grateful for "UK Katie" coming into my life and helping me get back on my path."
Louise Tyrell;
Yoga Instructor & Wellbeing Mentor
"Thank you so much for everything. It has been absolutely fabulous getting to know you all and I look forward to continuing our friendships over the next couple of weeks and months and years.
I am so grateful that after all these years my 'beginners guide to yoga for busy women' online programme is finally coming into being and I cannot wait to share it with the world!"
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