The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness
FREE Book! The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness
EXPOSES industry secrets female entrepreneurs have been using across the world to quickly overtake their competitors and legitimately take their business from broken to booming without ever needing to sacrifice their emotional health, their integrity or even more precious time away from their family!
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Introducing The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness, the uncomplicated way to create the life and business of your dreams...
What Is The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness?
It is NOT just another "fluffy" book - it's a step-by-step instructional guide that will change the course of your life and business forever.
It is NOT just about healthy living - yet the often undisclosed scientific and psychological secrets revealed inside will help you feel more joy, love and happiness in all areas of your life.
It is NOT just about making more money - yet these tried and tested ideas, concepts and strategies will help you build a wildly successful and insanely profitable business faster than you ever dreamed possible.
It is NOT about overcoming imposter syndrome - yet these little-known breakthrough techniques will help you feel like the 'real you' for the first time in weeks, months or years.
The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness Is A GAME CHANGER
Low motivation to work on your business or consistently seeing a low income from your business are indications of a much deeper problem that's bubbling up just below the surface (that's the bad news...), but thankfully both of these can easily be transformed (that's the good news). Inside the book, you will find simple techniques, straightforward strategies and uncomplicated instructions that all kindhearted and determined female entrepreneurs and small business owners have been using across the globe to turn their lives and businesses around - fast.  Because of this book, you too now have access to the exact steps required to take your life and business from an energy exhausting, time taxing, soul sucking nightmare into one full of endless ease, financial freedom and unlimited potential without wading through complicated jargon, re-training as a marketing guru or needing to spend thousands of pounds figuring everything out on your own. 
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Here's What Other Happy Female Entrepreneurs Are Saying About The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness Book:
"Cant get enough of the lovely Katie Woodland and her inspiring words."
Julie Hamilton; Transformational Coach
"You won't be disappointed from the moment it arrives through your letter box to when you keep rereading it."
RubySam Youngz; Grief Recovery Specialist & Crystal Therapist
"Thanks Katie - the bookmark made me cry - today several people including you have reinforced that I am worthy - yes it’s noon, yes I’m still in bed - and yes that’s today’s plan - I’ve a book to read
Thank you Katie you never stopped believing in me x"
Suzie Oulton; Network Marketer
"I Didn't Believe It Could Be So Simple To Be Successful..."
Paula Travers; 
Independent Chartered Accountant
"I No Longer Worry Whether My Card Will Be Declined."
Julie Sheppherd;
Positive Parenting Practitioner
"I Got My FIRST Customer From An Email Sequence!"
Pamela Catey;
Musician, Artist, Coach & Public Speaker
FREE Book Unravels Little-Known SECRETS Industry Experts Have Been Using For Years To Quickly Increase Their Health, Wealth & Happiness
...these tools, techniques and strategies are so powerful, they'll work even if right now you're struggling to drag yourself out of bed, you've got no idea how to build a business or you can't remember the last time you felt anything other than guilt...
If you're desperately trying but still struggling to understand all the different pieces of the business building puzzle -


If building your 'dream' business is leaving you emotionally drained, financially frustrated, and energetically exhausted


Look no further, this free book EXPOSES every single piece of the business building puzzle enabling you to quickly create your wildly successful and insanely profitable business so that you can have the impact on the world you've been desiring without needing to sacrifice your emotional health, your integrity or even more time time with your family!

FREE book helps you:
👉 DISCOVER how a heartbroken psychologist used Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to bumble her way through the business building process and land a consistent stream of high-end clients (pg. 3).

👉Uncover the TRUTH about why paying other people to do your marketing, PR and website will sink your business faster than the iceberg sank the Titanic... (pg. 4).

👉 REVEALS why joining the never ending merry-go-round of online courses, programmes or memberships only serves to leave you more confused, more overwhelmed and more like a failure than ever before (pg. 5).

👉 Shows you how the brain is so powerfully sneaky it TRICKED a psychologist into being so afraid to sell for 3.5 years, she stopped following up with people who'd asked to work with her, even though she knew what was happening and how to stop it! (pg. 5).

👉 Teaches you the 3 most IMPORTANT things you'll ever learn about running a successful and profitable business in today's technological world (pg. 6). 

👉 Divulges how the DESIRE to help 2,500 people for free led to  turning round clinical levels of depression and anxiety as well as generating more money in 48 hours than in the previous 3 months, without hustling, conning or tricking anyone (pg. 7).

👉 EXPOSES the real reason why 30% of businesses fail in the first 12 months and why right now 70% of business owners are struggling to make the impact they desire (pg. 13).

👉 Unmasks the EXACT 12-step framework that has helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs jut like you, feel emotionally stable for the first time in a long time, make more money than they believed possible and effortlessly create the time freedom they've been craving since setting out on their entrepreneurial journey (pg. 21).

👉 UNCOVER the often ignored truth about why affirmations, positive thinking and meditation are detrimental to your emotional health (pg. 28).

👉 DISCOVER the simple strategy which stops you being trapped in a cycle of negativity, self-doubt and self-sabotage so that you can consistently take action turning your dreams into realities (pg. 30).

👉CONFIDENTLY let go of all the things which are not aligned with your dreams, without the guilt so that you can effortlessly achieve more in less time (pg. 37).

👉 SAFELY hack your biology so that you can leverage your latent natural ability to  overcome procrastination, overwhelm and fear almost instantly empowering you to face your fears head on and bring about positive changes to your life and business faster than ever before (pg. 42).

 👉 UNEARTH the  number one reason your ideal clients are not purchasing your products or services and how to rectify this in under 10 minutes so that you can turn stop building a following of freebie hunters and start building a list of hyperactive buyers who say yes even before you've told them what you're selling (pg. 47).

👉 USE the often negatively associated psychological principle of self-fulfilling prophecy to your advantage so that you can quickly rewire your brain to work for you, not against you giving you more power to attract abundance, joy and happiness into all aspects of your life (pg. 56)
FREE Book contains over 30 strategies, techniques & step-by-step walkthroughs to help you master the foundations of building a successful and profitable business AND take back control of your emotional health - fast!
For Your Business...

Six Figure Sales Strategy

Giving you the FASTEST strategy to six-figure success without needing to waste thousands of pounds on social media advertising.

The 'BulletProof Opt-In'

Designed to guide you through the process of generating a CONSISTENT stream of leads for your business on autopilot.

Overturning Objections

Understanding the time-tested sales strategy that virtually GUARANTEES you sales success without needing to use any emotionally dubious tactics!
For You...

Stop Self-Sabotage

Understand how to SAFELY stop yourself from sabotaging your success so that you can confidently overcome procrastination, overwhelm and low motivation and quickly achieve all of your dreams!

Clearing Old Wounds

Helping you CAREFULLY open up and clean through your past emotional trauma and your present emotional pain so that you can courageously step into the best version of yourself and finally allow your dreams manifest into your reality.
But... That's JUST The First 56 Pages...
You'll also discover how to:
✔️ Effectively attract your ideal customer and stand out from a crowded market by aligning your brand with your business mission 

✔️ Effortlessly guide your ideal customer from lead to buyer so that you can turn your hobby into a successful and profitable business - fast

✔️ Utilise a time-tested marketing and sales technique to quickly cut through the noise online and inspire your perfect customer to take action - every time.

✔️ Instantly break down barriers so that you can take your ideal customer from barely interested to eager to buy in under 5 minutes, even if they've never heard of you!

✔️ Vastly increase your bank balance, without increasing your workload.

✔️ Create a converting email sequence for every opt-in, giveaway or lead magnet so that you can turn your list from 'freebie hunter' to paying customer in less than 7 days.

✔️ Generate hundreds of leads, for free in just 14 days...

✔️ Plus much, much, much more!

One More Second... Is It OK If We Over-deliver & Also Give You These EXCLUSIVE Never Before Released To The Public Bonuses?
BONUSES to help you get the most out of your book:

A Digital Copy Of The Book (Value £9.97)

Instantly access a digital copy of the book while you're waiting for the physical one to land on your doormat so that you don't have to slow down in your quest to impact the world. Because the entrepreneurial world is so fickle, it's important that the things you invest in don't become obsolete. For this reason, there will be a new edition released every 12 months which you'll also instantly receive into your members area. This enables you to stay up-to date with things that are working, things that are no longer working and new ways to overtake your competitors and sail to the top of your industry. 

Accompanying Worksheets, Tip Sheets & Resources (Value £27)

If like me, you grew up in a household where writing on books was considered the only thing bad enough to land you on the naughty step then worry no longer. Every single task, technique and tip included in the book has been lovingly turned into a simple downloadable worksheet so that you can use them again and again as your emotional health improves and your business grows without needing to deface the very thing that helped make it happen!
Act Now To Recive An Additional £1,589 In Bonuses FREE!
BONUSES to increase your emotional resilience and increase your chances of success:

21 Day Happiness Video Challenge (Value £47)

The 21 Day Happiness Video Challenge is packed full of bite-sized happiness boosting goodness so that you can get some instant quick fixes while the techniques in the book help you work through some of your more complicated emotional hurdles. By spending just 5 minutes a day following along with these simple to follow happiness boosting tricks, tips and clinically proven techniques you can exponentially increase your capacity to take action in your business, reach your goals and enjoy the entrepreneurial journey without sucking up your already precious time.

90 Days To Emotional Freedom Journal (Value £27)

The 90 Days To Emotional Freedom Journal has been clinically designed, tested and proven to help you stop leaving your day to chance. Packed with 6 therapeutic tools for you to use every morning so that you can pivot from a place of fear, overwhelm and pessimism to one of openness, intrigue and mild optimism even on the days you'd usually wake up under a dark cloud. Unlike many journals available across the internet, this was initially created by Katie while working as psychologist to support her clients who were struggling with clinically severe levels of depression, anxiety and other diagnosed mental health disorders. Described by her clients as the 'silver bullet' to a sustained level of emotional freedom this one journal can virtually guarantee you never get trapped under a cloud of darkness ever again.

3 Clinical Hypnosis MP3s (Value £27)

Instantly download three of Katie's best-selling clinical hypnosis MP3s designed to help you shift from a place of scarcity, worry and lack to one of abundance, financial freedom and limitless expansion. Initially created to support her clinical therapy programme these hypnosis MP3s are a perfect accompaniment to anyone attempting to build or grow a business online. Years of research concludes that the one thing that separates those who succeed from those who fail is the individuals ability to consistently take action. As you'll discover in the book safely hacking your subconscious through hypnosis is the easiest way to permanently change your thoughts, behaviours and future because all you need to do is hit play, sit back and relax while the magic happens.
BONUSES to skyrocket your business profitability (almost) instantly:

Plug & Play Converting Sales Funnel (Value £997)

Whether you've been in business a while or just dipping your toes into the entrepreneurial water a sales funnel is a must turn your dreams into realities. Unfortunately, many long-standing marketing gurus, sales experts and tech-geeks continually perpetuate the myth that to get ahead you need three things; a non-stop launch cycle of new products/services, thousands to sink everyday on advertising and a website. In fact, new research shows that not only are websites confusing, clunky they actually repel your customers... This same research proved that by switching your sales process from a website to a sales funnel you can 6x your sales. Yes, you read that right. In funnel verses website tests, the same number of people landing on a funnel based virtual sales page produced 6 times more sales than those sent to the website! Thankfully, you don't have to be a marketing whizz, copy-writing master or a techie all you need to do is press a button and in under 2 minutes you have in your hands a ready-made converting sales funnel which can be easily adapted to sell any product or service in any industry.

Funnel Editing Training (Value £297)

If you've just finished reading the last bonus, you're probably thinking... I don't know how to edit a sales funnel so that it works for my products or services. That's exactly why, you'll also have access to a walk-through video training session which:
+ helps you quickly master the technology (if you can click a button, use a keyboard and manoeuvre a mouse you're all set);
+ shows you how to ensure you sales copy (the writing on the page) sets you up for success not leaves you confused, depressed and struggling to work out if you should quit the entrepreneurial gig and head back to your 9-5; and
+ helps you get your funnel in front of the masses so that you can quickly inspire your audience into action and turn leads into sales - fast.

Take & Tweak Converting Email Sequence (Value £97)

No funnel is worth it's salt if it doesn't have a way to effortlessly follow up with those who didn't buy from you and lovingly cajole them into going from freebie hunter to  paying customer on autopilot. Easy instructions help you expertly edit the email sequence so that you can have the same impact as a master copywriter without needing to shell out the thousands you'd need to cover their costs (& yes, in case you're wondering OK copywriters charge $5 a word and that does include the words; and, I, a ... master copywriters... well, lets not even go there!)

100 Hooks & Headlines Swipe File (Value £97)

Did you know that roughly 99% of the buying decision is made in a a single instant.  In fact, statistics show you have just 7 seconds to catch someones interest and for them to decide they'll stick around long enough to find out what you are offering. If you're reading this sentence then I've at least gone some way to show you how important a hook or headline is to get your ideal customer to invest their time on you. Your hook and/or headline is quite literally the most important few words on any sales page. The problem is that it takes years to understand how to craft a hook and/or headline which gets people to stick around long enough for you to pitch to them. Thankfully, the 100 Hooks & Headlines Swipe File not only gives you the best hooks/headlines based on decades of research, it also shows you exactly how to edit them in such a way you not only honour the integrity of the headline to compel your customer to take action you inspire them to only take action with your product or service.
You have just 11 minutes to say yes and recieve these AMAZING bonuses ... the clock is ticking...
Here's What To Do NEXT -
The book and bonuses are genuinely free. All I ask is that you help me cover the cost of printing and posting the physical copy to your front door (costs £9.95 UK and £14.95 international)

Oh, and just in case you're wondering...
There Is No Catch!
I get it, you've probably been duped before (I know I have) where you think you're getting all this awesome stuff for a super sweet deal and then all of a sudden you spot charges in your banking app that you most definitely didn't sign up for...

This is not one of those things.

There is NO hidden "subscription service" or "continuity programme" - so you're probably wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons and seeing as you're all the way down here on the page trying to figure it out, I'd love to quickly share them with you:

1. You deserve it. For many years while I was trying to build my business I bought into the hype, the shiny-object syndrome and commonly sold quick-fix schemes only to fall flat on my face over and over again leaving me feeling as though there must be something wrong with me. I want you to know, that there is nothing wrong with you, there's something wrong with them. I truly believe female entrepreneurs are a force for good and given the right help, support and guidance we will change the world. In order for me to play my part and make this happen, I had to step up my game and equip you with the things that you truly need to stay in business long enough to have the impact the world needs you to have. This book, the bonuses and all the other surprises I have up my sleeve for you are designed to give you the best possible chance to build a wildly successful and insanely profitable business so that you can have the impact on the world you've been desiring without sacrificing your emotional health.

2. Because (unlike many other 'furus' (aka fake-gurus)) I don't make all of my money teaching people how to make money online. I also have a legit business which is solely focused on helping people heal emotionally... which means I happily give away the things that are truly working online so that you get the results you need and I can sleep soundly at night.

3. I understand how truly powerful everything I am giving you is and when you have the light-bulb moment myself and my customers had I know you'll be genuinely excited to purchase other things from me in the future.

4. It's time for a revolution and if you're still here then I know you feel it too... #buildafamilynotafollowing 
Time Is Of The Essence...
Here's why...

If you take too long to decide that you are truly ready to go 'all in' and finally turn your life and business around then the £1,589 in additional bonuses disappear for you, forever...

We have installed a clever piece of software which takes the bonuses away after the clock hits 00:00 ...

This is not because we don't love you, respect you and genuinely wish you well on your journey. It is simply to ensure the only people who have access are those who are going to carve out the time they need to make things happen.
This Is Truly A Limited Time Offer, So Claim Your FREE Copy Of The Book & Exclusive BONUSES Now Before It's Too Late...
Do you remember that clever piece software we mentioned above?

Well... it also blocks you from doing sneaky things like hitting the refresh button, returning a few days later and even trying from a different device to get the countdown to start again.
I'm super grateful you took the time to read all the way down to the end and I look forward to the possibility of becoming the who that helps you figure out all the hows to create a life you love and the business you deserve.


xoxo Katie

p.s., In case you're (like me) and you're one of those who knows exactly what they want and just scroll down to find out the finer details, here's they are:

We're going to send you a physical copy of a 230+ page book called "The Female Entrepreneur Road Map To Health, Wealth & Happiness" (that retails for £9.97) for FREE. We're also going to give you a digital copy (also retails for £9.97) and downloadable worksheets, tip-sheets and additional resources (not available to purchase) as soon as you order your book. If you order your book before the countdown timer gets to 00:00 you'll also unlock over £1,500 worth of digital bonuses to help you on your journey.

There is no catch... no tricks ... and no secret handshakes needed to secure this phenomenal deal.

You will not wake up in 3, 7 or 30 days time to find yourself locked into a subscription or membership programme.

So, click the button below to order your FREE copy of the book and secure your bonuses right now.

I promise, you won't regret it.
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