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Who is Katie Woodland?
Katie Woodland; Psychologist, Business Coach, Speaker & Best-Selling Author Get your free copy of her book: the Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness here.
Hey, I'm Katie Woodland;

I'm a Psychologist & Business Coach, Speaker & Best-Selling Author, who helps determined female entrepreneurs shed imposter syndrome, embrace their authenticity and confidently step into the limelight. 

I show you how to let go of any emotional turbulence you’ve encountered trying to get your business of the ground so that you can master the foundational steps of a building a wildly successful and insanely profitable business enabling you to quickly turn your business from a money pit into a money tree and have the lasting impact on the world that you’ve been desiring.
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Katie's Story:
Katie Woodland trained as a developmental psychologist working alongside one of the world’s leading paediatric feeding specialists and as part of a specialist autism unit. 

After two informative, inspiring and heart-breaking years, she left the NHS led service so that she could help everyone who needed it, rather than only those who fit the increasingly strict criteria.

After many twists and turns over the 4.5 years the mental health service was active Katie finely tuned her skills as a psychologist and developed an intensive holistic therapy programme which combined therapeutic techniques from both eastern and western doctrines.

Within those years, she was able to successfully guide, support and cajole many from suicidal states to living a life free from mental illness in just 12 weeks.

However, like many, the pressures of working alongside those in such traumatic states started to take a tole on her own mental health. Combined with the external pressure to get an online business off the ground, in November 2017, Katie had reached her emotional limit and after truly examining her mental state realised she was herself struggling with clinically severe levels of depression and anxiety.

Faced with the cold hard truth, she had a decision to make. Keep going and risk a complete break down or just step away and heal. Putting herself through her own programme, Katie very quickly recovered her mental health and decided that it was time to say goodbye to the mental health service and to serve the world in a new capacity.

Combining her mental health training and experience with the training and practical knowledge she had gained from building a successful business online, Katie transitioned into supporting female entrepreneurs to move through any emotional turbulence so that they could implement the simple strategies and steps they need to create an automated business, alleviating the pressures of being trapped on the cashflow roller-coaster.

In June 2018, Katie fully transitioned from her mental health practice and into being a psychologist and business coach. Since then, she has launched The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness a series of services designed to specifically help women through both the emotional and business hurdles they’re facing so that they can fully embrace their true self and create a lasting impact on the world.

Since launching The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health Wealth & Happiness, Katie has been featured as a psychologist and a business coach in the national and international press (print, radio and TV), as an expert for multiple online summits, as the keynote speaker for multiple events and as the featured monthly expert for many different business membership groups.

Katie truly believes that female entrepreneurs are a force for good and the energy, effort and enthusiasm they bring to their businesses will change the world.”
The 'official' version of who Katie is...
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Counselling & Psychotherapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Hypnotherapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Advanced Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Aromatherapy
2014: Nottingham Trent University; Master of Science (MSc), Distinction, Applied Child Psychology
2010: Liverpool Hope University; Bachelor Of Arts with Honours (BA Hons), 2:1 Criminology & Psychology

Employment & Experience:
2018 - Present: Psychologist, Business Coach Speaker & Best-Selling Author; Katie Woodland
2014 - 2019: Psychologist & Founder; Woodland Psychological Services Ltd
2016 - Present: Member, Telford Suicide Prevention Board
2016 - 2017: Contributor, Huffington Post UK
​2014 - 2018: Vice Chair of Governors, William Reynolds Primary School (Telford)
2014 - 2018: Parish Councillor, Oakengates Town Council
2014-2017: Trustee, Telford Mind
2012 - 2014: Assistant Psychologist; Midlands Psychology
2012 - 2014: NSPCC; ChildLine Schools Service Volunteer
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